In New York, at a Brooklyn bus stop, an activist was brutally murdered in front of his girlfriend.

Police are looking for an unnamed suspect in the stabbing to death of a social justice activist who was coming from a wedding when she was killed in the street of New York.

Early on October 2nd, 32-year-old Ryan Carson was shot and killed outside a bus stop in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood.

The unnamed suspect was “acting agitated” prior to the uncalled-for assault.

The police “won’t rest” until an arrest is made, according to Mayor Eric Adams.

At around 4:00 local time (08:00 GMT), the suspect, who is clothed in black clothing, Mr. Carson, and an unidentified woman can all be seen sitting on a seat next to a bus stop on surveillance tape.

Officials claim that after witnessing the suspect kicking over parked scooters, Mr. Carson and his companion started to leave when the guy approached them and started shouting obscenities.

According to NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny, “Mr. Carson then immediately places himself between the man and his female companion to protect her,” adding that Carson was attempting to “de-escalate” the situation.

Shortly after, the defendant stabbed Mr. Carson three times, killing him in the process with a stabbing to the chest that pierced his heart.

“As Mr. Carson lay dying on the sidewalk, the male with the knife kicks him in the chest, threatens to stab the woman companion, and spits in her face,” Mr. Kenny continued.

Soon after, an unidentified woman who is thought to be the suspect’s girlfriend showed up and apologized.

The defendant and his girlfriend were last seen on Wednesday, and police issued a photo of them in an effort to locate them.

Police are refusing to reveal the identity of the suspect, an 18-year-old with a history of unruly behavior, according to the local media, until they have enough solid evidence to make an arrest.

Mr. Carson has spent 13 years residing in New York. He organized campaigns for the New York Public Interest Research Group, which focuses on waste management, for ten years.

Additionally, Mr. Carson participated in the development of the “No OD NY” campaign, which attempted to increase public awareness of overdose prevention facilities.

According to Gothamist, he walked more than 150 miles from New York City to Albany in 2021 to promote the centers and other harm reduction strategies.

On X, a website that was originally known as Twitter, New York Mayor Eric Adams stated, “He advocated tirelessly for others, and his giving spirit was a buoy to all.” The NYPD will not stop until we bring him justice because his murder is unthinkable.

Senator Chuck Schumer referred to Mr. Carson as a “rising talent and extraordinary activist” after working with him at a town hall on inflation.

The Senator posted on X, “May his life, work, and memory inspire us.”

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